Spider-Gwen #1

Spider-Gwen #1

Written by: Jason latour 

Art by: Robbi Rodriguez

Cover by: Ramon Perez 

Spider-Gwen is finally back after the events of Spider-Verse and she’s back to take out the trash. She’s not to thrilled about her new villain,but hey someone needs to fight him. Her new enemy vulture I think isn’t a very good villain to start off the new series. In my personal opinion I think they should of picked a more powerful villain and more known villains as well. For me it was a little hard at times to understand what was going on in the issue maybe it’s because I have’nt read the Spider-Verse series but it was still confusing at times. Now Gwen needed to get the Vultures attention so she does,but only to put her In a pickle. I thought this issue was going to be way better but instead this issue was very chatty and what I mean by that is that there is a lot of talking going on. There are only two fighting scens and they are very short ones too. The art was ok I wouldn’t say amazing but decent. It kinda felt to me like they where trying to make the issue look dark but happy at the same time,didn’t really work out for me. I like the whole idea of Spider-Gwen but this issue didn’t really grab my attention as sad as it is,but that won’t stop me from reading issue two. Maybe issue two is better, who knows? What did you guys think of this issue? Did it grab your attention? Leave comments, and thats all for this issue and as always keep on Marveling!