Marvel’s Stan Lee Will Teach An Online Course On The History Of Superheroes


Stan Lee, living legend, has reportedly teamed up with the Smithsonian Institute and Batman film producer Michael Uslan to teach an online class about the history of superheroes and their impact on American culture.

To call Lee an expert on the subject does him a disservice, as the man is responsible for characters like the X-Men, Thor, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man…too many to name really.

Called “The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture”, the course will begin May 5 and will last five weeks, with each class lasting 1-2 hours. Each student will receive original artwork signed by both Uslan and Lee upon completion.

The syllabus, so to speak, includes topics like the superhero ‘Golden Age’ during World War II, how comics have reflected a changing American society, and heroes as the basis for blockbuster films.

“It’s a great honor being invited to share my views on the evolution of superheroes and the…

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