All New Hawkeye #1

For a book with just “HAWKEYE” in the title, we do have other characters that have gone by that name. Along with Clint Barton, we also have the (thankful) return of Kate Bishop. We get some beautiful flashback scenes with Clint’s brother, Barney, as well. In some ways it’s like we’re getting two books in one. The action in the present with Clint and Kate gives us some big fun action as they go up against a horde of HYDRAagents. Lemire has perfectly captured their voices and characteristics while also making it his storytelling. It’s not just simple fun since they’re in a pretty dangerous situation and Clint’s known for getting in over his head.

With the book opening with the flashback part, we get to see more on the relationship between Clint and Barney. As you may be aware, they did not have the best childhood. Despite Ramón Pérez handling the art for the entire issue, we have colors by Pérez and Ian Herring. There’s obviously a noticeable difference but both parts look fantastic. I’ve mentioned before how changes in art in a single issue usually causes a distraction but it’s a welcomed difference here between the past and the present. The art work was pretty good but not as good as the previous series. I don’t like the artwork when the flash backs happend. It just isn’t my style I guess,But in all I give it a solid 7/10. We are still waiting for hawkeye 22 and that’s the last issue of that series. So stay tuned and as always keep on marveling!