Black Vortex: All New X-Men #38

this book wasn’t so intresting as the previous one but it was still fun to read. It had great artwork done by Andrea Sorrentino and it was also easy to understand what was going on. Not too many things happend in this book. After Gamora and her team flew off with the Vortex they where talking about what there next plans where. While they where talking Ronan the Accuser came and took the vortex from Gamora and Flew off. Peter and his friends are still at the moon, they are trying to escape from there without being seen by the enemies they manage to do that. After this they discuss what they are going to do next and out of nowhere comes Cyclopes telling them that his going to help them and that’s how the book ends. I would rate this book a 6.5/10 that’s all for today and keep on marveling.