MARVEL : When Do They Know To Stop?

the lounger

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed over $7 billion worldwide in the space of eight years. Taking away all the budgets of the films and marketing for the films it brings the profit total to around the figure of over $5 billion.  Whether you like the films they produce or not, there is no doubting that MARVEL (or Disney) have done something right in their planning for the MCU. And with eleven films set to be released between now and 2019 the question lies when will Marvel know to stop?


Since 2007, the MCU has seen ten films released and has already become the second highest ever grossing film franchise, just behind Harry Potter, and they aren’t even halfway yet. It feels like everytime you go to see what’s on in the cinemas Marvel has a film out, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Every Marvel film in…

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