“Agent Carter” 1×7 – Dottie and the Doctor make their move while Carter’s cover is blown

Nerdy Soul

carter 7_2

In the last part, Carter is a wanted fugitive as it looks like Sousa tells the SSR what he discovered.

In this week’s episode, titled  Carter’s interrogation starts as she tries to tell them about Dottie before Dottie takes them all out.

Russia 1943. The doctor is being asked for help as we get to see just what kind of doctor that he is. And how he perfected his techniques on the Russian soldiers.

Carter’s interrogation begins with Sousa and Thompkins. All she cares about is trying to get them to realize the bigger picture. But to no surprise, they were so demanding on getting Stark they were oblivious to other ‘avenues’.

While under restriction, Carter sees the Doctor sending a Morse code and she knows the plan is about to go down in 90 minutes.

carter 7_1

Carter makes a bold move as she confesses what she did. She is…

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