Hawkeye #15

This issue opens up with Clint Barton with his pants down. The Russian mob is trying to force him into a van as usual there is always good comedy in this book bro (The magic trick) lucky for Clint his older brother Barney just recently moved in with him. He helps his brother beat the living crap out of the them. The Russian mob is trying to take over Clints apartment and will do anything to get it. The end of the comic is a cliff hanger, grill’s killer appears again. He is hiding behind a door with one of Clints arrow. Clint opens the door and…. Read the issue to find out what happens.

The art work of this issue is just phenomenal. This book will want you wishing you had the next issue. I would rate this comic a 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling.