Hawkeye #9

Clint is just having a bad day. Not only is he a marked man by the Russian mob, but he is also having some lady problems. In this issue, we are shown the ladies in the life of Hawkeye: Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Mockingbird. On top of them, his fling Darlene once again needs his help.

Unfortunately for Clint, Darlene asks for his help with a kiss, which happened to be in front of all three of the aforementioned ladies at the Avengers mansion. Darlene’s actions get Clint broken up with Spider-Woman, and forces Black Widow to track Darlene down to figure out what Clint has been up to. Also if breaking up with his girlfriend wasn’t bad enough, Mockingbird hands over some divorce papers.

The only people still on Clint’s side are his under-study Kate and his neighbor Gil, or should I say Grills? Speaking of Grills, his presence in the series has come to end in a shocking cliffhanger, which introduces the “Clown.” I am not sure what this “Clown” is up to, but he doesn’t seem to be in the mood for making jokes.

This is yet another great book with great art work. It shows the normal problems that Clint has when he isn’t an avenger. It shows he’s personal life. I would rate this book a 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling