Hawkeye #5

I’m not reviewing the previous issues of hawkeye because they where not very interesting but I will try to review as much as I can. The first panel of the comic treats us to a Clint Barton flying through a window while his hands and feet are tied down to a chair. For some odd reason this series is starting to feel like a 007 film with the situation Clint continues to find himself in. Fraction quickly back tracks a few seconds before on the next set of panels revealing how Clint ended up flying through the window in the first place. Hint hint killer ninjas. As Clint tumbles to his death Agent Hill from S.H.I.E.L.D manages to scoop up Clint mid air with something that resembles a flying motorcycle. Katie Bishop is finally busted for impersonating Madame Masque during all the commotion. With the real Madame Masque back in control of her criminal organization she orders to capture Clint and bring him in. With Clint being the 007 kind of guy that he is he manages to free Katie which leads into a full on brawl with ninjas, A.I.M, and Hydra to name a few. Kate and Clint manage to escape just barely with Clint waking up in a hospital to Katie, Agent Hill, and Nick Fury. After some discussion among the four the mystery behind the “Tape” is revealed to Katie which has a nice twist to it all.

“simple yet powerfully addicting.”
Matt Fraction has in five issues put together a series that is so simple yet powerfully addicting. Hawkeye #5 is perfectly balanced between its action and story telling making the issue a perfect wrap up for Hawkeye’s first two part story. Fraction has gone on record saying all of following stories will be told in one or two issue parts which is a perfect set up with how the series is working. I am still trying to figure out if theirs some sort of love interest building up between Kate and Clint which I would love to see! Kate risked her life by infiltrating Madame Masque’s criminal organization just to make sure Clint would be ok after he instructed her not to get involved. Matt Fraction has done a wonderful job with Clint and Kate’s chemistry with how well they can play off of each other. They are the perfect archery duo.

Javier Pulido does a fantastic job nailing the series art style which closely resembles David Aja’s. Pulido even manages to capture a a Kirby style panel during a fight scene which I loved! David Aja did get to do the cover which I loved with the shattered bloodly tape. I believe Aja will do all future covers even when he’s not on interior art duties for the particular issue. Pulido did a great job on the Tape parts 1 & 2.

I would rate this book. 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling