Civil War: Captain America #25

This book was one of the saddest books I have ever read. This book explains what happens to captain America after the civil war. Captain America was going to court. Nick Furry, the Winter Soldier and Sharon have a plan to get cap out but the Red Skull has a plan to kill him. The Taskmaster has a riffle pointed at him and he shoots him right in the public people start going crazy and Nick furry tells Bucky to find the shooter. While he’s trying to find the shooter falcon comes and attacks him but Bucky explains to him that it wasn’t him, it was someone else. Nick finds out who the shooter is and tells Bucky that he’s in on a helicopter. Bucky then tells falcon if he can fly him to the helicopter. They get close enough to the helicopter and shoot it down but Taskmaster jumps out and grabs Bucky. They land on top of a building and start fighting. Bucky beats him and tells falcon to go look after Cap. Cap is being taken to the hospital but Red Skull has a villain at the hospital disguised as a nurse. She then kills Captain America. This book was good and sad. I would rate it a 9/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling!