First Glimpse Of The Deadpool Costume

Adam Ward

Earlier this morning actor Ryan Reynolds posted the first shot of the Deadpool costume over twitter:

vannDeadpool had been stuck in development limbo ever since his appearance in the commercial disaster that was 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was unclear what would happen with this ‘spin-off’, or if Reynolds would even come back to the role after a string of box office flops (Green Lantern, Turbo, RIPD)

Fast forward to July 2014 where test footage leaked that featured a very comic faithful adaptation of the character:

After a very positive public reaction Fox took notice, green lighting the feature within the span of months.

I for one am extremely excited to have Reynolds back for another go as Deadpool. With the focus on remaining true to the comics we might even get a Cable cameo, Taco references, and moments of breaking the 4th wall. He might even have a mouth this time.

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