New Phase 3 update

As we all know by now Sony finally is working with Marvel now to make the next Spider-Man movie and more. This means that Spider-Man will finally be joining the MCU and will eventually join the avengers it is highly likely that Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War although marvel is now working with Sony, Sony still has the last call. This means that they are pushing the dates up for some movies. Here is the list of movies and the dates of when they are coming out. Leave a comment about what you think!!

•Avengers: Age of Ultron- May 1
•Ant-Man- july 17

•Captain America:Civil War-May 6
•doctor strange- November 4

•Guardians of The Galaxy 2-May 5
•Spider-Man 3- July 28
•Thor: Ragnarok- November 3

•Avengers: Infinity War part 1- May 1
•Black Panther- July 6
•Captain Marvel- November 2

•Avengers: Infinity war part 2- May 2
•Inhumans- July 12

These are fox movies coming out

•Fantastic 4 August 7 2015
•X-Men apocalypse- 2016
•Wolverine 3- March 3 2017
•Deadpool- 2016
•sinister six-2016