Civil War: wolverine #47

I read today 4 civil war books but I’m only reviewing this book because it was the only good one out of the four. Wolverine has been trying to hunt down the guy who was involved in the explosion in Connecticut. While he is trying to get inside the building where the guy is, on the way he gets into a fight with three robots he’s almost left for dead when his atlantian friends come and save him. Oh but it’s not over, the Sentry comes too and fights the wolverine. The Sentry knocks him out. Wolverine wakes up all cuffed up on the helicarrier with extra equipment Because of his powers. He manages to escape and jump of the hellacarrier. He later finds the guy and kills him. I really liked this issue is was exciting!! I would rate it an 8/10


3 thoughts on “Civil War: wolverine #47

  1. I LOVED this whole event. I don’t think I got too deep into tie in stories though. (My Loss). From the way that this whole event started to how it ended, I felt like this would shape the stories to come. I can even see this story being one elaborated on for a possible film. Man….now you’re making me want to go back and get into the event all over again!

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  2. Actually this will be on film soon!!! The movie is called Captain America: Civil War it will be hitting theaters on May 6 2016 it’s part of marvel’s phase 3!!! Honestly I think they should of waited for more big hero names to come out on film. I feel like it’s only going to be cap and iron man fighting oh well.

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