My top 5 favorite heroes

Here is a list of my favorite heroes in random order

Why is he on my top 5 well because he is by far one of the funniest heroes out there and he’s not really a hero but he is, that’s what I love about him sometimes he’s good other times he’s not. Everyone knows Deadpool but at the same time no one knows who he is.


•Captain America
Oh Captain America he is the walking symbol of liberty that’s why I love him. Not to mention he is the first super solder. You see I love him because if you take away his suit and shield he is still Captain America. He’s much more than a man with powers.


This guy, wait a minute let me correct myself here the proper way would be to say this droid is amazing. Although Ultron made him for bad things Vision changed and became a super-hero


Bruce Banner is a highly smart scientist but when he is not Bruce Banner he’s the hulk and he’s the strongest mortal in the universe. I love this character because he wants the better good for everyone. I like the fact that when he gets super angry he turns into this green monster full of rage and plus “hulk’s the strongest one there is”


And last but not least Wolverine I mean c’mon he’s the best at what’s he does and what he does isn’t very nice. I like wolverines story about how he got his powers and all I just love the guy. He’s powers are cool!! I’m just speechless for this guy.


I will be making a list of my top 5 favorite villains so stay tuned and as always keep marveling.