Ant-Man #2

Man each book just gets better and better. Just like the last issue this comic was packed with awesomeness it had humor, thrill, everything you would want in a comic. After Scott moves to Miami with his daughter he has to find a job, yep you guessed it he is trying to find a job about security so he kinda robs a bank and during his interview he shows them how easy it was. To make it short he gets the job and becomes head of security. But before all this he had a villain attack him but it turns out that the villain was actually after a different Ant-Man they become friends and Scott hires him for his job. As they walk out of the restaurant Taskmasker has a rifle pointed at him. Taskmasker calls Ant-Man and tells him he has a real job for him and that’s how it ends. I’m really excited for issue 3 to come out. This book was amazing!! I would also rate it a 9/10 stay tuned for more reviews and as always keep on marveling.