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I am currently reading the Civil War series but haven’t read from that series in a while I will make sure to read one soon. I am also reading Age Of Ultron I also haven’t read that series in a while but I’ll make sure to read soon as well. I will start reading the “Hawkeye” series as well, there are only 21 issues right now but I will make sure to update you guys every time I read. I just got the new “Avengers Uncanny” I will read it soon and right a review on it. I am also planning on reading “guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men the black vortex” thanks guys and as always keep on marveling.

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  1. Yes in deed my friend!!!! With this new reboot every thing is going to change. If you want to learn more about Secret wars read my blog!! Btw I will be reading that series as well as soon as it comes out in May!! So stay tuned in.


  2. Honestly, I’m a lil worried. Cmon….it’s MARVEL! They’ve had a LOOOOOOONG run with the stories and then comes in the ULTIMATE Universe and turns things upside down….THEN later in the 2000s it seemed like all that was happening were “EVENTS”. I think it’ll be GREAT for new readers just getting into the MU. For me though….I’m so iffy. Like, there are no more different universes…just a “BATTLEWORLD” where all heroes are gonna “fight” each other. I’m not interested in seeing 3 thors fight each other…I will say that I am excited about how my favs are still being used in the comics. I guess we’ll just hafta wait and see!

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  3. Yea I see what you mean haha your right though this will be good for new readers that are just getting into the MCU but idk I’m a little excited to see this happen but also not so much. But we will have to see!!!

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  4. Hey….have you gotten into Lady Thor yet?! Im still trying to wrap my head around who she could be…and how she is going to move forward in the Marvel U. Its cool that Thor got another Hanmer…from an Unworthy Thor from another Universe. Man…I LOVE Marvel!!

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  5. Hmmmmm….well I am subscribed to Marvel.com, which is free but u can pay, and What I do is read by year. Right now Im in the 2000s with the Ultimate Universe. So try starting with the THOR comics around that time. Keep in mind thought that some #1 issues begin new events in the same storyline, but its completely preferential on where you wanna start. I find myself bouncing around all the time.

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