Superior Spider-Man #6AU

Spider-Man is mad at himself because he was asleep when the attack happend, he’s mad at himself because he could of saved some people. Iron Man has a plan, his plan is to put some devises close enough to Ultron to send him to the negative zone. Spider-Man goes with Quicksilver to put the devises in place but Spider-Man has a different plan. He also has some Devises that he made, they go on the Ultrons and once they are on them he can control them. He makes one of the Ultrons go all the way back to their base only to find out that vision is there and not Ultron. Ultron finally finds out and gets back control of he’s robots. The robots go back to where Spider-Man is and start shooting at him. He barley escapes through a tunnel. That’s all for today and as always keep on marveling