Age of Ultron #4

This book was really exciting just as the previous books. In this book we see Luke Cage and She-Hulk at one of the basses of Ultron but like I said before Ultron is not in that base but vision is. She -Hulk starts fighting all the Ultrons and tells Luke to go and tell tony what he saw. She-Hulk dies and and Luke gets thrown off the base. Later a nuclear bomb goes off. We don’t know if Luke Cage is dead. Meanwhile Moon Knight and Black Wido are discussing about where to go next, Black Wido tells Moon Knight that they are going to have to go to Antarctica for safety. After that you also see the rest of the super heroes secretly escaping the city and going to Antarctica. You also see Red-Hulk leaving the city too by himself. They finally get to Antarctica and find ka-zar lord of the savage land. They also find out that Luke cage survived the nuclear blast but he’s dying and he also flew to Antarctica. They also meet up with Red-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Black Wido. That’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.