Age of Ultron #2

In this book we go back to Black Wido and Moon Night. They hide from the Ultrons and find a one of Fury’s secret basses. Then we go back to Spider-Man, Spider-Man talkes about how he got captured and how he’s Spider senses never went off. He later says that we should do something and fight back. He also talked about how the people that captured him said they where working for Ultron and they wanted to make a trade with him, the trade was if they captured a super hero and gave one of the heros to Ultron, Ultron wouldn’t kill them. Spider-Man then asked “we are goin to do something right?” Then tony responds “survive” then Spider-Man says “Tony survive is not something” after that captain America gets up and says “No it’s not but that’s because we didn’t have a plan, until now” that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.