Secret Wars

What is Secret Wars? Secret Wars is the beginning of the end. Literally Secret wars is the end of the marvel universe after this they will make a reboot and start from scratch. This reboot might be a good thing or might be a bad thing. On the good side they can start over and make up for all the bad things they did. On the bad side they can screw it up even More. Knowing marvel I think they will
Do a good job for sure better than what DC did for there 52 reboot. They rushed it and it didn’t go so well, on the other hand marvel has had plenty of time to plan it out. Marvel said this was the biggest thing they have ever done so you know it’s going to be big.

Marvel has said that everyone plays a role in secret wars. From the X-Men to even Ghost Rider. Marvel said the X-Men play a major role. Who is the antagonist? Possibly kang? We don’t know for sure yet or it might be like the civil war series and they might fight each other that’s what it looks like In the picture. We are going to have to read the books to figure it out. The first book comes out in May so stay tuned and as always keep marveling.