Civil war: Front Line 7

2015/01/img_0188.pngI just finished Civil War: Front Line 7 and like I said before there is always action in the front line books. I wouldn’t say it was super great but it was good. In this book we find out that speedball gets shot and while he’s being driven to the hospital he talks about how the whole Connecticut explosion was he’s fault and that’s why all he’s friends are dead. I don’t know if it actually was him that made the explosion but he does say it was he’s fault. Meanwhile Wonder Man is spying on some atlantiens with the police because he is registered as he calls back up the green goblin comes and throws bombs and explodes the whole place leaving wonder man near death. No one knows how it could of been the green goblin if Osborn is in jail. My guess is it’s someone els dressed up as the Green Goblin. That is all for this book and as always keep on marveling